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Warm up Mobility: Back and Hip Strength: 7min to find 1 rep max bent over row   WOD: “TK” 20min AMRAP 8 strict pull ups 8 box jumps 30/24inch 12 kettlebell swings 32/16kg

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Warm up: 80% effort, 2 rounds of 10 wall ball shots, 10 wall ball cleans, 10 wall walks Mobility: Shoulder and range of movement Strength and technique: Snatch   WOD: As many rounds as possible in 7mins 3 hang power snatch 45/25kg 5 snatch balance 45/25kg 7 OH squat 45/25kg

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Fight gone bad!!!

Warm up: 200m jog, 20 squats, 200m row, 20 wall ball squat cleans Mobility: positioning at the bottom of the squat and shoulders Strength: work to 5rm deadlift   WOD: 3 rounds rotating on the minute every minute (1 min rest between rounds) Wall ball @ 12kg SDHP @ 35kg Box jump @ 20″[…]

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Rest day

Rest days are super important for recovery, with out rest our bodies can’t repair and grow. If you have already had a rest day, today would be a great day to practice a skill or lift you need to work on or catch up on a WOD you missed during[…]

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Chipping away

Warm up Mobility Technique: Clean and thruster   WOD: 2 rounds for time (20min time cap) 200m run 20 thrusters: 40/30kg 20 barbell facing burpees 40 OH walking lunge: 5kg plate 20 KB snatch: 16/8kg 20 power cleans: 40/30kg 40 double unders

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