Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership


Corporate Membership

Take care of your most important business asset with a CrossFit St Albans Corporate Membership.

If you are serious about keeping your business in good health, you need to look after your staff. Our corporate membership package can put you on the right track to greater staff productivity, reduced absenteeism as well as increased staff loyalty and retention.

How does corporate membership benefit me as an employer?

• Low cost/high perceived value
• It’s tax efficient
• Increased presence of staff at work
• Improved staff motivation and retention
• Recruitment incentive

And rewards for my staff?

• Free/reduced membership
• Increased wellness
• Improved health and lifestyle


If you choose to partner with CrossFit St Albans, we will work with you to improve the lifestyle of your employees. We view Corporate Membership as an alliance between you, your staff and us, offering packages to fit companies of all sizes.

Gym membership has become a very popular benefit to offer staff because it makes what can be seen as a luxury item for cash-strapped employees eminently affordable:

If you would like more details on our Corporate Membership packages, please call us at or just pop in for a chat.