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CFSA February Update




It’s almost here… The CrossFit Open begins on February 21st.

If you’re new to CrossFit, here’s what you need to know:

The CrossFit Open is kind of like Christmas for CrossFitters.  It is the largest CrossFit competition in the world and a chance for anyone to express their fitness in their local CrossFit community.  Athletes of all ages, abilities and walks of life enter the five-week competition and throw down with their friends. It’s exciting, fun and challenging. People find themselves pushing harder than they thought possible and basking in the glory of new PRs.

For the serious athlete, it’s a chance to compete against the best and potentially earn a spot at the CrossFit Games later in the year.

OPEN19CrossFit will release a workout each week for five weeks, starting on 21stFebruary.  All of these workouts can be scaled to suit any ability level.  You complete your weekly workout and submit your score at CFSA – we will be hosting weekly CrossFit Open sessions on Saturdays, to replace Savage Saturday classes (you don’t need to have entered the Open to attend these classes) for the duration of the Open. Enter your scores each week into the leaderboard, and see how you compare with your peers!

We even have our own CrossFit St Albans leaderboard this year (thanks Matt Crumpler for setting up).

You can find out more information and sign up to the Open here:



On Thursdays at 8pm, CFSA builds human engines.

In this class, we aim to deliver one very specific goal:

Increase athletes’ aerobic fitness (improve work capacity across broad time and modal domains) in the sport of CrossFit.

We have created new programming so that attendees of this weekly class will learn how to pace on both cardio machines like the rower and airbike, and in mixed modal workouts.  Do you know what pace you can sustain for a three minute max calorie row? How does that differ from your rate for an all-out 15 calories for time? Knowing how pace intelligently is a key skill for a CrossFit athlete.

How can you push hard without ‘red lining’? Increasing your aerobic capabilities now will stand you in good stead for the CrossFit Open and the upcoming season of fitness competitions.

Book your spot on the Engine Room on Wodify.


In this blog series, we celebrate our members and their personal journeys in fitness.

This month, our attention turns to Ben Dye.

Have you always been fit and healthy?

No! I was 16 and a half stone and never did any exercise apart from the occasional bit of Sunday football.  I drank a fair bit at home and out on the weekends; I used to race for a pint straight from work most days. Now it’s a race straight to the box.

Being so heavy, accompanied by a terrible diet, caused my asthma to play havoc, I used to suffer frequent chest infections and struggle for breath walking round the building sites where I worked.ben1

But then I literally 100% (totally honest) woke up one Monday morning and announced, “I don’t want to be fat anymore.” I went downstairs and made a packed lunch with very little carbohydrates, and I packed fruit and veg for snacks.  It was tough at the start; I had habitually eaten breakfast biscuits or a Macdonald’s on the way to work, a sandwich and chocolate bar for 10am snack then the same for lunch, maybe a sausage roll or something on the way home from work, a good four crumpets before dinner, dinner and then toast or cheese on toast before bed! Simply by changing what I ate, I lost two and a half stone.

How did you discover CFSA?

My mum talked me in to trying a bootcamp and I really started to enjoy exercising.  I even went to a globo gym for a while and lifted weights.  So when CFSA opened I went along to see what it was all about. I had seen clips of CrossFit on YouTube. And so began my affair with CrossFit.

ben2In classes, you get to meet all sorts of people; guys who just want to get fit and look good, to people like Chris Mays and coach Andy Daish who train for their sport (rugby), and people like CFSA owner Ben Stacey and coach Ben Pitt who just love pushing themselves and going to what we like to call the ‘pain cave’ – that place I also now know so well!

I found that CFSA had a wealth of knowledge to offer if you want to find it. The coaches really know their stuff.

And now…?

To finish, I’m now 37 years old and have never been so fit and I’m in the shape of my life (and I still love a beer), and get around a building site with ease. I regularly compete (and podium) in fitness competitions. I will happily say that CrossFit is the quickest way to get fit, quickest way to get strong and you get a great rig along the way, haha. I was 31 when I started the “health kick” but as I tell people now, don’t bother going on a diet, just eat well and train hard.


Congratulations to all CFSA members who competed so far this year!


Laser focussed Dave…

Bitter and Twisted teammates Dave Uprichard and Adam Lydon, Jolyon Bland in his team Chalk Dirty to me and Ian Ford and team mate competed at the recent Battle Royale competition at Brunel University. Dave and Adam finished second place in Masters Open and Ben Dye and Ben Pitt won their category Masters RX in this throwdown.


Ian Ford having a little rest on a rower seat…

Meanwhile, Sheryll Pak achieved a 61kg snatch and 70 kg clean and jerk at the recent England Weightlifting Championships in Milton Keynes.  Sheryll competed in the 55kg weight category.  Her next weightlifting meet is in April.



Sheryll lifts a snatch PR!



There’s now no better excuse to get practicing your handstands and get walking on your hands…
CFSA now has a handstand-walking ramp for our athletes to use!  Ask your coach to show you where its kept.