CFSA January Update

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CFSA January Update


January is the month to dream up and go after new fitness goals.  Perhaps 2019 is the year you nail muscle ups, double unders or a giant back squat. Maybe you’ll enter your first CrossFit competition this year, or try something completely different…

We’ve got lots of good ideas to help you:

NEW SIX WEEK PROGRAMME is about to kick in on 14thJanuary. Coach Tristan has been busy creating a plan that will have you ready to take on the CrossFit Open in February. As well as all the usual good stuff in our programming, expect plenty of opportunities to practice movements and skils that are likely to come up in the 5 week competition.

MORE CLASSES are coming.  We are increasing the number of daily classes and adding an extra 8 am class on Saturdays for those of you who are up-and-at-it early on the weekends. In the coming months, we’ll be creating new ways for you to express your fitness – like boxing classes and rowing workshops.

OLYMPIC LIFTING CLINIC continues with Ben Stacey every Thursday evening at 7pm in the basement. Members who have been attending this class already have been making progress understanding and performing the snatch and clean and jerk. You book in for this class on Wodify.

GYMNASTICS MASTER CLASS with Coach Tristan will return mid January, following the success of the last six week course. If you want to take your pull ups and bar muscle ups to the next level, then this is for you.   The classes run for 6 weeks from Friday 18th January at 8pm and Sunday 20th at 12 midday.  To secure your spot on either the Friday or Sunday course, email Claudia at

brodieST ALBANS JIUJITSU FACTORY is back.  It’s on Sundays at 1pm at CrossFit St Albans and taught by coach Daniel Worters and coach Paul Stocker.  Brazilian JiuJitsu is a combat sport system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. Your first session is free, and £8 thereafter.  All levels are welcome.

And the popular CROSSFIT KIDS programme returns this month.  There are classes for all ages and abilities, with the focus on FUN! Speak to coach Claudia for more details.



pauloWe will shortly be giving our website a makeover.  As part of the re-brand we invited members to share with us their personal stories and experiences of CrossFit, for inclusion on the new site.  We’ve been blown away by your inspirational accounts of how you’ve changed your life through CrossFit and wanted to share some of these with you over the next few blog posts.

This month, we feature member Paul Ross.

My journey with CrossFit St Albans began in the Summer of 2014.  I had always been a regular ‘gym goer’ but lacked the motivation and direction I needed to make the gains had I so badly desired.


The gym certainly looked very different than it does today. The upstairs was still bare (though there was one rig in progress which Ben and I attempted to attach to the wall- unfortunately I wasn’t the best man for the job) and there was a rig and a squat rack in the basement, which Ben had brought down from his garage. We used them to do my first ‘CrossFit girls’ workout – Fran – and ‘she’ certainly challenged me on a whole new level, as was the case for all the proceeding workouts we completed together in the following months. The box opened a couple of weeks after my first visit and I began taking part in the daily WODS and learning weightlifting techniques that I hadn’t been exposed to previously in a ‘globo’ gym.  I also began making new friends and started to enjoy the social element of fitness, something which is hard in a standard gym where nobody seems interested in engaging in conversation or supporting my training.



I soon began to develop a passion for CrossFit gymnastics and strength/skill training. Workouts were no longer a chore or a drag. They became something that I looked forward to each day. I began to see progression on a physical, mental and aesthetic level, something that had been a struggle for many years prior to my time at CrossFit St Albans. Ben encouraged me to seek support from his contacts in the world of gymnastics to enhance my skills in this area.  I’ve learned to handstand walk, front lever, perform muscle ups on the bar and rings along with many other high level movements.

I now feel confident with all aspects of CrossFit. My primary achievements have been within the CrossFit gymnastics/ calisthenics field. I look back on memories from four years ago and see first-hand, the progress I have made in this area. Admittedly, this has only been possible after hours of bloodshed, sweat and frustration. However, the supportive environment in which I have undertaken my training within the past four years alongside the wealth of knowledge and expertise I have been exposed to, have undoubtedly been key to my success.


As a result of all of the above, I feel I have developed a real sense of focus and discipline. In a world where mental health seems to play a greater role in society than ever before, I think it is essential to have a ‘go-to’ to levitate the stresses and strains imposed upon us on a daily basis either at work or at home. I definitely feel the positive, supportive atmosphere created by the coaches and members at CrossFit St Albans has impacted my well-being, particularly in relation to my confidence levels and self-esteem. Moreover, I have formed several solid friendships with members who I have the opportunity to compete both in competitions facilitated by CrossFit St Albans and external organisations.


With the cold weather upon us, we at CFSA would like to help the homeless in St Albans.  So please check your cupboards at home.  If you have any old coats, hats, scarves and blankets, please bring them to the box and we will distribute them to people less fortunate.