CFSA August Update

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CFSA August Update


This month, CFSA got a new look. We have been refurbishing our facility with over £20,000 of rig, flooring and equipment.  And it’s still on going.  Expect to see more toys and an updated decor in the weeks ahead.



Some of our new kit includes some specialty bars for powerlifting (happy coach Calum), strongman, strength training and technique work.

We have added more rowing machines, ski ergs, wallballs, sandbags, fraction plates, dumbbels, kettlebells, all new plyoboxes (and some comfy soft ones) a permanent astro-turf run for the sled and much more!

The rig has also been renovated.  It now houses more muscle-up stations, wall ball targets and 2 powerlifting squat cage’s (super-happy coach Calum).

We hope you like what we have done so far 🙂


Thank you to all who came to compete and help out at the Summer Throwdown in July.  It was a fun day with plenty of PRs and ‘fitnessing’, laughs and high-fives.

Congratulations to male winners Leo Lundgrun and Luke Kelly in ‘Team Factor 50’, and top placing female pair Jenna Nichols and Carissa Tripi in ‘Two Peas in a Wod’.

Some highlights included athletes Ursula Elliott and Kellie Bradley hitting new personal records in WOD1 and many competitors being humbled by single under skips in WOD3!


Each month this blog will feature one of your CFSA coaches. First up is Tristan James.

TrisAffectionately known as Dr James, Tristan takes a scientific and precision approach to programming and coaching.  He is a walking database of accessory movements and nutrition facts and happily shares (rants) these with CFSA members.

Tristan writes the daily programming for CFSA.  His focus during this current cycle is to develop hamstring strength and ‘hinge’ movement, improve our handstand skills and build aerobic engines.


Tristan started his career as a competitive bodybuilder (ask him to pose!) and professional cage fighter but fell in love with CrossFit when he saw a video of Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa and Neal Maddox completing Filthy Fifty at the 2011 CrossFit Games. Tristan’s strength is his heart.  He puts 100% into his coaching and training.

Most who know Tristan can tell how into music he is.  But you may not be aware that he’s a complete sci-fi geek and loves Star Wars movies.

Regular personal training client Mark Fennessey says, “Tris is a first class coach and athlete who is professional and performance focused but with a wicked sense of humour and a Sid James laugh!”

Tristan is available for one to one training and regularly coaches morning classes at CFSA. If you are interested in having a session with Tris you can catch him at the box or Email him at


IMG_5654CrossFit St Albans Nutrition Coach and guest writer, Alex Clementson answers the ‘big’ question:


Should I cut out carbs to lose weight?

In short… No!



Lots of people think cutting out carbs is the best way to lose weight fast. However, it’s important you understand the importance of carbs, why that can work, but why it’s a short term fix.

Carbs are of course carbohydrates, found in all your favourite foods like bread, potatoes, cakes, soft drinks (sugars are carbs!) but also vegetables and fruit. Therefore it is clear to see that there are ‘good’ carbs and ‘bad’ carbs. So when people say they are ‘cutting out carbs’ they are generally cutting out the bread, cakes and potatoes from their life. This works as quite simply they are reducing their calorie intake and will therefore more often than not lose weight.

So why are carbs important? Carbs are stored in your body as glycogen and are in your blood as glucose. Glycogen is your body’s primary fuel source (important for CrossFit!). Therefore if you cut out carbs and burn your body’s glycogen off without replenishing your stores sufficiently, you will have reduced energy levels/mood and metabolism and do terribly on Savage Saturday.

Glycogen is also bound to water so when burning it off you will lose a lot of water. Therefore when celebrating the ‘success’ of losing fat on your new ‘carb free’ diet you have mostly just lost a lot of water weight, hence why people see a plateau of weight loss, get de-motivated and go straight back to the cake life!


Why does cake look so good though?!

So instead of cutting out carbs think about introducing more of your ‘good’ carbs (low Glycemic index), things like vegetables and fruit, rice and quinoa/bulgar wheat instead of potatoes, white bread and cakes/ice cream! Focus most of your carb intake around your workouts for sufficient fuel and re-fuelling.

Your body will thank you, you’ll quickly reduce your calorie intake whilst feeling fuller and you’ll start losing weight more sustainably than cutting out carbs all together.

Alex will be hosting a nutritional seminar at CFSA at the end of August. 

More information coming soon…


Tired of lugging around all your CrossFit stuff?  This month we will be releasing a few lockers for you to permanently rent.

Email Ben Stacey if you’d like one.