CFSA October Update

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CFSA October Update


You spoke and we listened.  CrossFit St Albans is delighted to share with you its new Winter Programme of classes, prompted by the results of our recent member survey.

IMG_6413THE ENGINE ROOM – Thursdays at 8pm

From 11thOctober, CFSA brings you THE ENGINE ROOM, a new class designed to improve your efficiency on the Concept2 rower and assault bike.

Delivered by coach Andy Daish, these sessions will develop your aerobic capacity, using data collected from a test for each machine.  The weekly programme will progress through different time and distance domains.

Each lesson is based on the individual athlete so the workouts are unique to each person.   Places are limited, so book your spot on Wodify.


Burn_Emailer2BURN – Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am

This high-energy class will torch calories and get you fit.  Think minimal equipment, maximum reps and all the fun (bootcamp without the mud).

BURN starts Tuesday 30thOctober and will be delivered by coaches Claudia and Ben Brewer.

For more information, email BURN will run separately from your existing CFSA membership.



Want to improve your snatch and clean and jerk?  We’re here to help.

From Thursday 1stNovember, CFSA owner and coach Ben Stacey brings you the OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING CLINIC.  This class will help you hone the positions and technique essential for successful Olympic weightlifting movements. You’ll be able to book this class on Wodify from the last week of October.


Thanks to all those who took time to complete our recent member survey.

We are happy to report that the majority of those who replied are content with our programming and coaching.

Some of you wanted more assistance with Olympic weightlifting, which we are bringing you through a new weekly class from November (see above for details).

You also craved more opportunities to do pull ups and gymnastic movements in class, and you’ll find these make substantial appearances in the next six weeks of programming.

Lastly, more named and benchmark metcons were requested.  We have three words for you.  Fight.  Gone. Bad…


Our Battle Cancer teams have taken it upon up themselves to fundraise in some pretty creative ways.


We have five teams competing at the Battle Cancer Fitness Competition in London on Saturday 20thOctober.  Squads include ‘Wall Balls Deep’ and ‘Camel Toes To Bar’.  Members are welcome to join us at Olympia London on the day, to cheer on our athletes.

Or, you can show your support by signing up to the Savage Saturday Chipper on Saturday 20thOctober.  We’re hosting a special Battle Cancer inspired workout, which will include some of the movements in the actual contest, like wheelbarrow races, synchro squats and piggyback carries!

We’ll encourage you to make a donation on the day, and you can win prizes for turning up in fancy dress.  More information will be posted on the Facebook members group in due course.


Daishy, chasing a grizzly bear through the forest…


This month, our attention turns to coach Andy Daish, aka Daishy.

Andy started playing rugby union when he was six. As an adult, he’s competed in professional rugby for four seasons and semi professional for eight seasons, including playing several games for Sweden XV and VII teams.

Andy discovered CrossFit in 2012 while a pro-rugby athlete, and he became a CrossFit coach three years later.

Andy loves strongman style training and is an avid follower of StrongFit.  He’s currently enrolled in StrongFit’s mentorship programme and brings his new learnings to CFSA members and personal training clients, alike.

Daishy loves food. In the past he’s been spotted wolfing down an entire packet of cinnamon bagels and once ate 25 meatballs in one sitting during a Swedish Christmas dinner.

No carbs for him right now though; Andy is experimenting with a keto diet at the moment, so he’s all about the fats and protein.

Andy specializes in strength and conditioning, technique work and strongman elements.  He is available for one-to-one sessions; email him at


Early announcement! Save the date Saturday 8thDecember for the CFSA Winter Throwdown and Christmas get together. After a record turnout at our Summer Wingman Throwdown in July, we are already getting excited about this competition.


Hopefully you’ve tried the new vending machine. Soon you’ll be able to choose from an even better range of drinks and healthy snacks.   We will be stocking items like beef jerky and trail mix, to fuel your CrossFit metcons.

As most of us CFSA coaches are certified Nocco addicts, we are now experts at using the new vending machine, so if you get stuck, just grab one of us and we will talk you through how to operate it (in English. Or French!).