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Coach Tristan has been working hard to create the next CFSA gymnastics master-class.  And he’s almost ready to share it…

ringsThis six week course will focus on strict ring muscle ups for more seasoned CrossFitters, and the development of upper body strength in gymnastics movements, for those looking to build solid foundations on the rings and bar.

The first class is on Friday 3rdMay at 8pm, and potentially Sunday 5th May at midday, if there’s sufficient interest from members. To get the most out of the course, you’ll need to attend your class each week and practice your weekly homework, which will be provided to you.

It’s £65 and spaces are limited, so if you’re interested, please email 321go@crossfitstalbans.org, indicating whether you’d like to attend the Friday at 8pm or Sunday at 12pm class.



In this blog series, we celebrate our members and their personal journeys in fitness.

This month, our attention turns to CFSA legend Gaz Stanley

Have you always been fit?

Absolutely not, I am much fitter at 50 than I ever was at 25.


Gaz – about two weeks into CrossFit

I was a sporty kid but soon after leaving school I fell out of the habit of regular exercise, keeping fit simply wasn’t a priority. At around the same time I developed a form of arthritis that affects the spine, but it was not until my forties that I discovered its symptoms were exacerbated by starch in food. I changed my diet, avoiding pasta, potatoes, rice, bread etc. and the pain stopped immediately… doh! A side effect of this dietary change was that I lost weight, dropping to 11 stone. I felt great but I was too skinny, it was time to hit the gym.

I got myself down to the leisure centre and started working out, it was here that I was introduced to CrossFit. We used to do our best with the kit available, but it was always a bit of a challenge. Everyone remembers their first WOD, mine was Filthy 50, it took me nearly an hour and almost killed me.

When did you discover CrossFit St Albans?

Having caught the CrossFit bug I originally joined another box in St Albans but about 4 years ago it relocated to Watford. Not relishing the commute I decided to check out CFSA. A few of us refugees from the other box joined at the same time and were very quickly made to feel part of the family.

I started at CFSA just a few months into my CrossFit career with a virtually empty kit bag of skills, since joining I’ve been gradually filling it up. With the help of the fantastic coaches and other members I’ve learned how to do so many new things, including; overhead squats, double unders, both flavours of muscle up and only the other day (during 19.3) strict handstand push ups.

There is always something going on at CFSA; if it’s not a skills master-class, it’s a nutrition seminar, if it’s not the buzz of the Open it’s the Team Series, if it’s not time for a throwdown then we’re probably sending a fun bus full of teams and supporters to a competition.

I work alone at home, hunched for hours over my computer so for me CFSA is a lifeline; I can’t get enough of the place.

Gaz - competing at Athletika Games last year

Gaz – competing at Athletika Games last year

And now…?

I’ve decided this year to start putting more thought into the way that I train. I may be fitter now than I was at 25 but I’ve notice recently that my body doesn’t seem to respond to exercise in quite the same way that it did and it’s taking me longer to recover. I’m just getting older I guess, but that’s fine, just feels like I’m starting a whole new exciting chapter in my CrossFit story.

If you’re interested, my plan is to cut back a bit on the frequency of high volume, high intensity workouts and to concentrate more on my mobility, diet and getting enough sleep. Put more succinctly, I’ve decided to start listening to Professor James (coach Tristan).

Bring on the October Open! (Apparently, we’re doing it all again in the Autumn).



This year, we’ve decided to take our box member summer throwdown outside! In honour of all the schoolegg and spoon sports days which got us started on our fitness journeys, CFSA is hosting its own school-sports-day inspired competition.  We’ve rented out the Verulam Athletics Track and we’ll pack our vans full of kettlebells and D-balls, eggs, spoons and sacks so that we can bring you an exciting event.

So, save the date Saturday 29thJune, to come and have some fun with your CrossFit community.

We’ll race, sweat and cheer, and then hang out over a picnic and ice cream.

More details to follow soon…




The kids love coach Calum

CFSA is proud to be able to share CrossFit with children of all ages. The CrossFit Kids programme holds regular classes for pre-schoolers, 9-11 year olds and teens.

Classes are held on Monday and Friday at 4:15-5pm, and Sunday mornings for the younger kids.  If you’d like more information, simply speak to coach Claudia, or email 321go@crossfitstalbans.org.

During CrossFit Kids class times, you’ll still be able to use the Open Gym facilities downstairs and outside (once opened) and we appreciate your help so we can give the children a space to enjoy their sessions.



You may have seen already that we have been preparing our outside space for use, now that the fairer weather is here.

We’ve done our best to level out the ground, get rid of debris and weeds and provide our members with a cool space to train in the sun.  We ask members to respect a few simple suggestions to ensure this space stays great for all.

  • Please only take the crumbed, noise reducing weight plates outside. If you aren’t sure which these are, ask a coach.
  • Please return all your equipment to its home once you’re finished using it.
  • Only take equipment outside if it isn’t being used in a class, check with a coach first.
  • Tidy up after yourself, throw your rubbish in a bin and leave it looking nice for the next member to use.
  • Have fun and remember to use suntan lotion!

Thank you from Ben and the CFSA coaches.



leoWe sadly say goodbye to longstanding member Leo Lundgren early May, as he relocates to Sweden for work.

To say farewell, Leo, who is also an ex GB rower and coach, will deliver a very special Engine Room class on Thursday 25thApril, at 8pm.  In this session, Leo shares his knowledge and experience of rowing technique and pacing, to help you increase your skills on the Concept 2 Indoor rower.

If you’d like to go, book into the class on Wodify.