30 01 17 – Snatch

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30 01 17 – Snatch

CrossFit St. Albans – CrossFit


Snatch Warm Up and Pre Activiation (No Measure)

80m Jog

20m knee pulls

20m quad pulls

20m horse walk

2×8 viking sloth press

Burgener warm up

Mobilise hip if needed

Snatch Balance (3×5)


Overhead Squat (3×5)

Glute-Ham Raises (3×5)

Work with a partner and perform these from the floor. Sometimes called Nordics

Squat Snatch (Singles)

Work with your coach on the technical movement and then build up to some heavy singles

Abs finisher (50-100)

Finish with 50 – 100 reps of abs of your choice.

GHD, Abmat, Weighted, TTB, K2E, etc…