Paul Stocker

‘I love the fact that still to this day I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I hear “3,2,1 go!”’

I love the fact that still to this day I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I hear “3,2,1 go!”. It’s that feeling and energy that can only arise when your about to embark on the unknown. A challenge that you know is going to get dark very quickly and your going to have to make a choice wether to quit and run away or attack it with everything you have. The challenge and choice of what to do with it is yours. That’s what I love about Crossfit. 

Coming from a sporting background of national level ice hockey and marathoning, I’ve always enjoyed the aspect of competition with my exercise. Crossfit provides this in abundance. I also profoundly enjoy the camaraderie that pours from everyone after every workout. That true and honest sense that, ‘we’ve just been through something together’. It was a no brainer for me   that I wanted IN! 

After qualifying as a Premier Personal Trainer 5 years ago Paul began one on one coaching clients at London Bridge Fitness First, aswell as setting up West End Bootcamp company ‘The Punch’. Still desperate to get stuck into Crossfit, Paul sought out Crossfit Central London. It was here where he started at the bottom as a intern and worked his way up to gaining his Level 1 Crossfit Trainer qualification. 

Paul joined the coaching staff at Crossfit St Albans in 2015. He takes great pride in the role and enjoys the responsibility it brings with it. 

Finally, Paul is a mixed martial arts nut and Crossfit St Albans resident Thespian, so if you ever want a conversation about cage fighting or Hamelt, Paul’s your man!